Secondary glazing


Secondary glazing is a cost effective method of double glazing that is particularly suited to properties in Lewes’s many conservation areas or listed buildings. The main benefits of secondary glazing are greatly improved sound insulation (better than new standard double glazing) & improved thermal insulation. Furthermore secondary glazing fits internally, inside the existing windows & therefore will not require planning permission or affect the external appearance of the building at all.



Secondary glazing has come a long way in recent years. You may have memories associated with secondary glazing of unsightly silver aluminium frames mounted on DIY timber subframes with nasty cheap plastic catches which were practically impossible to open for ventilation!


Our modern secondary glazing systems are available in different colours to match the internal finish of your existing windows & are fully draughtproofed & easy to operate. They are of an aluminium construction with various different methods of operation as shown below. Secondary glazing can also now be upgraded to Pilkington K low emissivity glass & stadip silence acoustic laminated glass for even better soundproofing.


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Lewes Home Improvements offer various different types of secondary glazing depending on the type of windows that your property has.


In order to choose the most suitable type from our range you need to look at the existing window, see how it opens and see if there are bars going vertically or horizontally through the window. If you have a sash window (very common in Lewes) that slides up and down then the sash window will have a horizontal bar half way down the window. In this instance our vertical sliding secondary glazing can be made to match these windows -

() with the horizontal bar in the same place as that on the existing window. With the bars on both the existing and secondary windows aligned - the secondary glazing blends in with the existing window.



Our Horizontal Sliding Secondary Glazing is extremely versatile, slides smoothly and is available with two to five panels. Horizontal sliders are perfect for sound and thermal insulation for casement windows, hinged windows, or any window that has vertical bars. Panels slide within the frame allowing easy access to the existing outer windows, providing ventilation without interfering with curtains or blinds.



Our Vertical Sliding Secondary Glazing is ideal for heat and sound proofing for traditional wooden box sash windows, or any other windows that have horizontal bars. Panels slide open in the same way as vertical sliding sash windows and provide easy access to the existing window. When open they provide ventilation without interfering with curtains or blinds.

Our Vertical Sliding Secondary Glazing is extremely versatile, slides smoothly and is available with spring balances or spring catches to hold sliding sashes in an open position. We can also offer tilt back easy clean vertical sliders with an upgrade to the premium subframe system.



Our hinged secondary glazing can either be butt hinged, friction hinged or parallel friction hinged, each has it own advantages and disadvantages. Generally hinged secondary glazing lends itself to use in hard to treat areas such as bay windows and other specialist applications. It is ideal for large glass areas where quick and easy regular access is required. i.e. for maintenance, ventilation or cleaning.



Horizontal Sliding Secondary Glazing

Vertical sliding secondary glazing
Hinged secondary glazing


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