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The very best in thermal efficiency proven by independent auditing


It is very important with todays high & rising energy prices to conserve energy. Windows are very important in helping to reduce heat escaping from your home.


We have had our window systems independently simulated for energy efficiency by the Thermal Rating Register click here for more information.


The window energy rating scheme gives homeowners an easily identifiable A-G rating in terms of energy efficiency. A is the most efficient & G is the least efficient, although the legal minimum allowed now is now a B rating.


The rating system does not stop at A rated, although that is where most companies prefer to stop explaining it to customers. In full the energy ratings system is a calculation of solar heat gain, heat loss & air leakage. The result of the calculation is a number. If the number is 0 or above the rating is A, -1 to -10 is a B, -11 to -20 is a C & so on.


The reason we feel it is important to understand the ratings system properly in order to make an informed judgement is that an A rating of A+22 in the case of our Triple glazed PVCu window system is considerably better than our competitors A+0 rating but as the label simply says A rated, the difference is easily missed.


Please see below links to view our A rating labels.


Chamfered sculptured slim sash

Sculptured slim sash window Triple glazed PVCu window



The other benefit of our windows are that they are fitted with a warm edge spacer bar. This not only gives our window a better A rating than most, but also virtually eliminates perimeter condensation & the staining associated with it caused by cold bridging of the glazing cavity by standard aluminium spacer bars.



Clearer glass for a better view


Our windows feature the latest KS glass which gives the thermal performance necessary to achieve our high energy ratings but also is neutral in appearance. We use optiwhite glass on the outer pane to provide better light transmission as it is clearer than standard glass.








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