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Conservatory - Internal finish options


Wall finish options

If your conservatory design will feature a dwarf wall we can finish it in the following ways


Plastered -


Brickwork to match your property -

Internal window ledges are available in the following finishes of laminated boards which are resistant to moisture and scratching. The wood effect options have a grained surface. 


All with matching grained effect end caps


Alternatively we can provide MDF internal cills which are suitable for use in any location or pine which is suitable for locations that do not receive direct sunlight



Flooring options


We offer the following flooring finishes should you wish us to build your conservatory as a turnkey project. Alternatively we can leave the floor as an insulated screed ready for any surface finish or a chipboard suspended or floating floor suitable for carpet or wood flooring.



Ceramic tiled floors


We can ceramic tile your floor either using our range of tiles or we can provide labour, adhesive & grout to lay your own tiles. We would of course do a quantity survey for you to get the right number of tiles even if we are not supplying them. Ceramic tiled & stone floors are the most suitable floor finish for use with underfloor heating. Ceramic tiles can be budget friendly depending on your choice of tile. -



Stone floors


We also offer stone floors in a range of finishes or can provide labour, adhesive & grout to lay your own  stone. Stone floors add a real quality finish to a conservatory or extension but are the most expensive option due to the cost of the material & also the time taken to lay the stone is greater. Also most stone floors will require sealing after grouting which is not required with ceramic tiles. Stone floors are suitable for underfloor heating. -



Engineered hardwood floors


We also offer engineered hardwood floors in a range of colour options. These versatile hardwearing floors can be re-sanded many times to give an extremely long lasting floor. They are also stable with varying atmospheric conditions & suitable for use in a conservatory where there can be lots of direct sunlight as they have a ply base for stability. Please note we don’t recommend these floors for use with underfloor heating. These floors are fairly budget friendly although laminate flooring will be considerably less.



Laminate floor


The most budget friendly option we offer is laminate flooring. Laminate flooring has come on a long way in recent years. Although everyone will have seen a botched DIY effort at laying a laminate floor, when layed properly using a decent quality product they can still look effective & are by far the most cost effective route to a wood effect floor. We only lay laminate floors we supply as experience has taught us that product selection is key. Further we will only lay the v-groove versions above as in our opinion they look far more realistic. These floors in our opinion are unsuitable for underfloor heating. -






Plastered internally

Choice of brickwork
Ceramic tiles
Stone floor
Engineered hardwood floor

Laminate floor


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