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Conservatory - Heating & electrical options


If you intend to use your conservatory all year round (& most people do!) you will need to heat it in the winter months.

We can offer the following heating methods & our recommendation on which will be most suitable will differ depending on the direction your conservatory faces & the amount of heat from the sun it will attract.


Electric radiator on a switched spur


We offer a 2Kw electric heater suitable for conservatories up to 15 sq.m floor area (any bigger & you will need 2) with a programmable thermostat so you can set it to come on & go off to suit your lifestyle & usage of the room. This budget friendly option will provide flexible heating independent of the house central heating & the low height is perfect for a dwarf wall installation. -

We recommend this option for south or west facing conservatories with usage like an extension or North or East facing conservatories with little winter usage.


Electric underfloor heating.

We offer the Devi 200w/sq.m underfloor heating system. - This system will heat the floor & the room as a whole without the need for additional background heating. Please note the difference between this system & the more commonly used warm floor systems which typically are around 125-150w/sq.m and are designed to warm up the floor but not heat the room as a whole independently. Click here to download the brochure.


If used correctly with the programmable thermostat these systems can be relatively cheap to run as they are normally programmed to heat in the early hours using economy 7 electricity & then the heat that is retained in the floor screed will slowly release throughout the day. If the building will have use like an extension it will be necessary to also switch on the system in the evening once the sun's heat dissipates. This option is the most budget friendly option in terms of installation costs for an underfloor heating system but can be costly to run for large conservatories that don’t get much direct sunlight.

We recommend this option for south or west facing conservatories with usage like an extension or North or East facing conservatories with little winter usage.



Plumbed radiator on thermostatic valves

This is one of the most commonly used ways to heat a conservatory or extension & with good reason. As long as your boiler has the capacity to run an extra radiator or two this will be one of the most efficient ways to heat your conservatory. Things to look out for are the feasibility of getting the pipework through to the conservatory & the impact of the radiators on how you may arrange your furniture. We always recommend the use of thermostatic valves to radiators. With thermostatic valves () the radiator will shut down at a preset temperature preventing overheating of the room. The only drawback of a plumbed radiator is that on a modern well insulated house a conservatory may need additional heating in the evening if the house temperature does not drop low enough to switch on the thermostat. We can also install contemporary or traditional radiators to suit your home. - -


We strongly recommend this option for conservatories that face North or East & don’t get much direct sunlight. This option can also be recommended for South & West facing locations although an electric heater will have a lower upfront cost & do the job just as well at the expense of slightly higher running costs.



Plumbed underfloor heating

This is the most expensive option & is really to be recommended only for the larger conservatories, orangeries & extensions. The system has its own thermostat & will work independently of the house central heating. The pipework goes beneath the floor screed. We recommend a tiled or stone floor with this option. The main benefit over a plumbed radiator system is the independent nature of the control of the system & the ability to arrange your room without needing to account for radiators. The only drawback with this system is the feasibility of getting the pipes to the conservatory & the upfront cost.


We recommend this option for large North or East facing conservatories, orangeries or extensions.



Electrical Installation


We can install power points, lights & other electrical items to your conservatory using a part P registered contractor in a range of finishes as shown below


Brushed Stainless




Electric radiator

Underfloor heating
Devi underfloor heating
Thermostatic rad valves
Contemporary radiator
Traditional radiator
Plumbed underfloor heating
Plumbed underflloor heating


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