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Aluminium Bifolding doors


Our aluminium bifolding doors create a flexible & open modern space for domestic & working environments. Our aluminium doors are slimmer in profile than PVCu and are suited for commercial applications as well as domestic installations.


These doors require virtually no maintenance and are built to last. We offer low threshold options to allow for flush floors & minimal step over.


Our bifolding doors can open in or out. They are available in a wide range of configurations. -



A traffic door allows you the freedom to pop in & out of the garden opening just one door (the traffic door) without having slide & fold the other panels.


Bi-folding doors slide in two’s, so an uneven number of panels folding in
any direction will always result in an odd panel that can operate
independently of the sliding panels. This odd (spare) panel is known as a
traffic door, and offers both inside and outside access using a standard
lever-lever door handle. For example, a 3 pane door can be either a 2-1
split, or 3 panels all folding one way - both of these have a traffic door. On a
4 pane door you must have a 3-1 split to gain a traffic door. A traffic door is
not always required as you may decide another door close by will be your
main access in and out of the garden.



Threshold Options

The bottom part of outer frame is referred to as the threshold. This is the
part of the frame you step over going in and out of your room. Our standard
threshold gives the best weather ratings and is usable on upper floor levels.
Dropping any of our thresholds into the floor will give you flush internal floor
levels and minimal step over. To create flush floor levels inside and out you need to use one of our low threshold options.



Slimmer profiles for a better view


Our aluminium bifolding doors are among the slimmest available. Please click to view the sectional drawing for the mullion section (joint between doors) () & the threshold section ()



Secure locking


All intermediate doors have heavy duty shootbolts that secure the doors
top and bottom and are operated by our locking lever handles. Traffic
doors have high security multi-point locking consisting of two substantial
hook locks, two roller cams (for increased compression of the gaskets),
latch and deadbolt. We also fit an extra-high security snap secure, antibump
locking cylinder as standard. The dedicated guide on each of the
bogie wheel assemblies runs within the outerframe, preventing the doors
from being forced out of the frame.



The very best in thermal efficiency proven by independent auditing


Click here for information on glass and thermal efficiency



An industry leading ordering procedure ensures total client satisfaction


At Lewes Home Improvements we want every customer to be happy with their investment. In an industry where every item is bespoke manufactured it is vital to get every order right first time.


In order to eliminate any misunderstandings over orders we always provide a written detailed fixed price quotation followed after acceptance by a fully detailed order confirmation for the client to check over before anything gets manufactured. This ensures that we make exactly what the client wants and avoid any disappointment or misunderstanding. Lewes Home Improvements of course take full responsibility for overall sizes.


Click here to view an example quotation & order confirmation.



A reasonable price

At Lewes Home Improvements we believe our prices to represent very good value for money for the service we give and the quality of the products we fit.


We don’t guarantee to beat quotes from any other firm, but we will always quote our best fixed price we can carry out the work for.


We simply advise, measure & e-mail a quote. We respect our customers so we will never attempt to encourage a quick decision with phoney discounts or silly sales tactics.



Insurance backed guarantee for your peace of mind.

We fit a high quality product to the highest standards but should anything go wrong you will be reassured to know that our after sales service is also second to none.


We guarantee all installations comprehensively including all hardware (which is normally specifically excluded from most company guarantees). Please click here for our guarantee statement.




Aluminium bifold doors

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